Western States Rural Transportation Consortium (WSRTC)


The Western States Rural Transportation Consortium (WSRTC), comprised of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Utah, has been established to facilitate and enhance safe, seamless travel throughout the western United States. The Consortium seeks to promote innovative partnerships, technologies and educational opportunities to meet these objectives. Additionally, the Consortium seeks to provide a collaborative mechanism to leverage research activities in a coordinated manner to respond to rural transportation issues among western states related to technology, operations and safety. Consequently, activities of the Consortium are focused on technology transfer/education (Western States Rural Transportation Technology Implementers Forum) and incubator projects (small scale research projects intended to serve as a “proof of concept” for larger subsequent efforts) centered on the Consortium pillars of technology, operations and safety.

WSRTC Updates

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The Consortium’s Latest!
October 26th, 2022
Consortium Holds Steering Committee Meeting
June 15th, 2021
Consortium Members Attend Northwest Transportation Conference
April 20th, 2020
Important Notice! 2020 Western States Forum Canceled
April 13th, 2020
Consortium Meets for Annual Meeting
October 24th, 2019

Project Updates

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Phase 5 Needs Assessment
February 9th, 2023
Report on the 2022 Western States Forum
January 31st, 2023
Report on the 2021 Western States Forum
January 31st, 2023
Don’t wait! Submit an abstract for the 2023 Forum.
January 12th, 2023
Project Update 2022
November 15th, 2022
Report for the Last Half of 2021
February 25th, 2022

WSRTC: The Consortium’s Latest!
Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

The Western States Rural Transportation Consortium (WSRTC) and its members have been busy since our last post! We’ve held three meetings, two Western States Rural Transportation Technology Implementers Forums, participated in several conferences and events, completed work on two task orders, and opened a new pooled fund for Phase 2 of the WSRTC.

The 2022 Annual WSRTC Steering Committee meeting was held just before the start of the 17th annual Western States Forum, June 14th, 2022, in Yreka, California. The first agenda item was the Forum with a quick synopsis of the technical presentations, expected attendance, and an overview of the schedule of events.

Sean Campbell spoke briefly about the history of the WSRTC and how it has evolved from its beginnings with the COATS project. He noted that the current phase of the California Oregon Advanced Transportation Systems project (COATS Phase 8) will be the last from California. The WSRTC has received good feedback and met its goals. Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) 5-(241) will now end on March 31, 2023. There are still two active Task Orders in TPF-5(241).

  • WTI Task Order 14 provides funding to coordinate and run the Western States Forum, as well as providing travel support for Consortium members to participate in meetings such as the National Rural ITS Conference, the Northwest Transportation Conference, ITE, ITS America, etc. It also supports the maintenance of the WSRTC and Western States Forum websites.
  • Task Order Montana Tech 1 is covering maintenance for the One-Stop-Shop (OSS), Automated Safety Warning System Controller, and the WeatherShare system. For OSS, data feeds have been added and fixed and a number of bug fixes completed. Doug conducted some public outreach for OSS with a press release at Montana Tech. Subsequent TV interviews were conducted with local news affiliates from FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Project Manager Sean Campbell (Caltrans DRISI) and Keith Koeppen (Caltrans District 2) also participated in an interview and the news piece aired statewide. The publicity increased traffic and usage for OSS.

Here’s the group at the 2022 annual meeting. Participants were there in person and virtually. Clockwise from top middle: Jim Whalen (Nevada DOT), screen with virtual participants, Sean Campbell (Caltrans DRISI, Project Manager), Jeremiah Pearce (Caltrans District 2), Tony Leingang (Washington State DOT), Doug Spencer (Oregon DOT).

People meeting around tables facing projector screen with virtual participants in upper right corner.

Photo by: Doug Galarus

Clockwise from top: Sean Campbell (Caltrans DRISI, Project Manager), Jeremiah Pearce (Caltrans District 2), Tony Leingang (Washington State DOT), Doug Spencer (Oregon DOT), Troy Torgersen (Utah DOT), Jim Whalen (Nevada DOT).

Six people sitting around tables arranged in a u shape.

Photo by: Doug Galarus

TPF-5(494), Western States Rural Transportation Consortium Phase 2, is open and accepting commitments. The new TPF will run for four years through March 2027.

In addition to attending the Western States Forum, the WSRTC provided travel support for six participants to attend the 2022 National Rural ITS Conference and ITE annual meeting this past summer. The Consortium also supported four participants at the ITS World Congress held last month and one speaker at ITS America. Last summer, the WSRTC covered the registration costs for 98 individuals representing the member states to participate in the virtual ITE annual meeting and NRITS conference.

Western States Rural Transportation Consortium Meetings

For quick reference, here are the meeting documents. Be sure to check out the meeting minutes to read what the member states are working on relative to rural ITS technology implementation.

June 14, 2022 – Annual Meeting, Western States Forum

Meeting Agenda 6/14/2022 (pdf)
Meeting Presentation 6/14/2022 (pdf)
Meeting Minutes 6/14/2022 (pdf)

April 7, 2022 – Virtual

Meeting Agenda 4/07/2022 (pdf)
Meeting Presentation 4/07/2022 (pdf)
Meeting Minutes 4/07/2022 (pdf)

October 5, 2021 – Annual Meeting, Western States Forum

Meeting Agenda 10/05/2021 (pdf)
Meeting Presentation 10/05/2021 (pdf)
Meeting Minutes 10/05/2021 (pdf)

Clockwise from front left: Jim Whalen (Nevada DOT), Sean Campbell (Caltrans DRISI, Project Manager), Tyler Laing (Utah DOT), Jeremiah Pearce (Caltrans District 2), Karthik Murthy (Washington State DOT), Tony Leingang (Washington State DOT), Leann Koon (WTI).

Seven people sit facing the same direction at a rectangular table.

Photo by: Doug Galarus

Clockwise from top center: Leann Koon (WTI), Jim Whalen (Nevada DOT), Sean Campbell (Caltrans DRISI, Project Manager), Tyler Laing (Utah DOT), Jeremiah Pearce (Caltrans District 2), Karthik Murthy (Washington State DOT), Tony Leingang (Washington State DOT).

Group of people face projector screen with title slide displayed. One person left of screen is smiling at group.

Photo by: Doug Galarus

Consortium Contacts:

Caltrans LogoCaltrans Project Manager:

Sean Campbell, P.E.
Chief, ITS Special Projects Branch
Caltrans, Division of Research, Innovation, and System Information
PO Box 942873
Sacramento, CA 94273-0001
(916) 387-5166
sean_campbell "at" dot.ca.gov
Caltrans LogoCaltrans Lead
Caltrans Rural Program Steering Committee Chairman - Interim:

Michael Webb
Deputy District Director (Interim)
Maintenance and Operations
Caltrans District 2
1657 Riverside Drive
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 604-4006
Michael.Webb "at" dot.ca.gov
Caltrans LogoRural PSC,
Rural Division Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) Coordinator:

Jeremiah Pearce, P.E.
Chief, Office of ITS Engineering and Support
Caltrans, District 2
1657 Riverside Drive
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 225-3320
(530) 225-3255 (fax)
jeremiah.pearce "at" dot.ca.gov
ODOT Logo Oregon DOT Lead:

Doug Spencer, P.E.
Standards Engineer
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Oregon Department of Transportation
2080 Laura Street
Springfield, OR 97477
(541) 747-1276
Doug.L.SPENCER "at" odot.state.or.us
Washington State DOT LogoWashington State DOT Lead:

Tony Leingang
Acting State ITS Operations Engineer
WSDOT HQ Transportation Operations Division
Washington State Department of Transportation
PO Box 47344
310 Maple Park Avenue SE
Olympia, WA 98504-7344
(360) 709-8002
leingaa "at" wsdot.wa.gov
NDOT LogoNevada DOT Lead:

Seth Daniels
Assistant Chief Traffic Operations Engineer
Nevada Department of Transportation
1263 S. Stewart Street
Carson City, NV 89712
(775) 888-7565 (Office)
(775) 253-5304 (Cell)
sdaniels "at" dot.nv.gov
UDOT LogoUtah DOT Lead:

Tyler Laing
ITS Program Manager
Traffic Management Division
Utah Department of Transportation
2060 S 2760 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
(801) 887-3792
tlaing "at" utah.gov
FHWA LogoFHWA Technical Liaison:

Michael Villnave
Traffic Operations & ITS Engineer
FHWA Washington Division
711 S Capitol Way, Suite 501
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 753-8078
michael.villnave "at" dot.gov
MSU LogoWTI Principal Investigator:

Leann Koon
Research Associate
Systems Engineering, Development & Integration
Western Transportation Institute (WTI)
Montana State University - Bozeman
PO Box 174250
Bozeman, MT 59717-4250
(406) 994-7643
(406) 994-1697 (fax)
leann.koon "at" montana.edu
Montana Tech LogoMontana Tech
Principal Investigator:

Douglas Galarus
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Montana Tech
Museum 202
1300 West Park Street
Butte, MT 59701
(406) 496-4858
dgalarus "at" mtech.edu