Western States Rural Transportation Consortium (WSRTC)
Steering Committee


Each Member State and WTI has one member on the WSRTC Steering Committee and the committee aims to meet at least twice per year. The Steering Committee executes the WSRTC Charter, Mission, Vision and Goals in terms of meetings, outreach and projects. In addition, the Steering Committee makes an Annual Report to the Charter Steering Committee detailing the current state of the WSRTC. Finally, the Steering Committee reports on the previous semi-annual meeting action items. The Steering Committee can create sub-committees at its discretion.

The Western States Rural Transportation Consortium Steering Committee’s (WSRTC) annual meeting on June 21st, 2016, in Yreka, California. Sean Campbell welcomes WSRTC Steering Committee members at the start of the 2018 annual meeting.

Member States


  • Sean Campbell, Caltrans Division of Research, Innovation, and System Information, Caltrans Project Manager
  • Michael Webb, Caltrans District 2, Caltrans Lead, Caltrans Rural Program Steering Committee Chairman - Interim
  • Jeremiah Pearce, Caltrans District 2, Rural PSC, Rural Division Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) Coordinator
  • Troy A. Arseneau, Caltrans District 2
  • Brad Mettam, Caltrans District 1
  • Sheri Rodriguez, Caltrans District 1


  • Doug Spencer, Oregon DOT, ODOT Lead
  • Luci Moore, Oregon DOT
  • Galen McGill, Oregon DOT


  • Ron Vessey, Washington State DOT, WSDOT Lead


  • Seth Daniels, Nevada DOT, NDOT Lead
  • Jim Whalen, Nevada DOT
  • Denise India, Nevada DOT


  • Tyler Laing, Utah DOT, UDOT Lead

Member Research Institutions

  • Leann Koon, Western Transportation Institute/Montana State University, P.I.
  • Douglas Galarus, Montana Tech, P.I.
  • Yinhai Wang, University of Washington

Federal Highway Administration

  • Nathaniel Price, FHWA, Technical Liaison, FHWA Lead
  • Steve Pyburn, FHWA
  • Edward Ofori-Abebresse, FHWA