California Oregon Advanced Transportation Systems (COATS) Update - October 26th, 2020


UPDATE: Monday, October 26th, 2020

COATS Fact Sheet

COATS Phase 8 will build on the success of earlier COATS phases with a focus on technology transfer. Tasks to be completed include two Western States Forums, Project Technical Advisory Panel (PTAP) meetings, website development and maintenance, and the Forum Handbook. Here is a short summary of work completed during the July through September 2020 quarter.


Correspondence surrounding upcoming meetings continued from the previous quarter. The in-person ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibition scheduled for August 9th-12th, in New Orleans, Louisiana, was canceled given the continuing COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. Instead the conference was held virtually over two weeks, August 4th-6th and August 11th-13th. With the virtual format, 77 individuals from the 5 WSRTC member states were able to participate in the meeting. Project team members also attended the NRITS Steering Committee meeting.

ITS World Congress 2020 scheduled for October in Los Angeles, California, was also canceled. Some on-line programming was offered starting at the end of the quarter and continuing through the original conference dates in October. An All-Access pass was free for public agency employees and those in academia.

Western States Forum

The 2021 Western States Forum has been scheduled for June 15, 16, and 17, in Yreka, California. The meeting venue is reserved. More information will be coming soon!

Check back next quarter for an update on the progress of the COATS tasks.