Controller Update - September 18th, 2014


The Automated Safety Warning System Controller (ASWSC) was selected as a finalist for a Best of ITS Award in the category of Best New Innovative Practice – Rural ITS Project. ITS America presents these awards to “the most prominent and innovative transportation technology leaders in the Americas” whose projects exemplify innovation and demonstrate specific and measurable outcomes. The ASWSC project is sponsored by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), who nominated it for the annual award.

The ASWSC is a general purpose system that warns drivers of hazards such as icy curves and high winds. Prior to the ASWSC, warning systems were unique implementations that used one-of-a-kind software for control. Designed from the beginning as an open system, the ASWSC greatly expands the capability of transportation warning systems.

“ASWSC is a fantastic tool that allows us to create effective, reliable and maintainable safety warning systems, especially in remote rural areas. It is ahead of the curve in keeping the decision making intelligence close to the action - on the roadside. It does all this while allowing the integration of our standard ITS field elements so systems are highly maintainable. Excellent work by all involved!” -Ian Turnbull, Chief, Office of ITS Engineering and Support

At the 2014 ITS World Congress in Detroit, the One-Stop Shop project was selected as a Best of ITS Award winner in the Best New innovative Practice – Research Design and Innovation category. You can read about the award in the September 18, 2014, OSS Project update.

“I give full credit for these Systems to our partners at Caltrans. They envisioned the ASWSC and OSS and set us up for successful development and implementation. This was critical to making these systems work properly, and to ensure and enhance the safety of the traveling public. We’re honored and appreciative that Caltrans nominated these projects for these prestigious ITS America awards. Recognition for the One-Stop-Shop as a National “Best of ITS” Winner is a pleasant surprise and a welcome honor for the hard work of all involved! Thanks go to Dan Richter, David Veneziano, Leann Koon and other staff at WTI for their hard work on these projects.” -Doug Galarus, Senior Research Scientist and Program Manager, Systems Engineering, Integration and Development Program, Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University

The One-Stop-Shop and Automated Safety Warning System Controller are collaborative efforts between the Caltrans Division of Research, Innovation, and System Information, Caltrans District 2, the Western Transportation Institute, and the Western States Rural Transportation Consortium.

The ITS World Congress newsletter, Dailynews, officially announced the winners and finalists for the Best of ITS Awards: World Congress rewards outstanding ITS.

Caltrans and Montana State University both published press releases about the awards.
Caltrans: Caltrans presented with National Award at World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems in Detroit.
Montana State University: WTI project wins award for intelligent transportation technology.