One Stop Shop (OSS) Update - March 9th, 2010 - Part 1


UPDATE: Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 - Part 1

Sometimes truly unexpected events occur on the roadway.  Notice the following closure message:

OSS Screenshot (3/9/2010): CMS icon showing a closure on HWY 199 in California near Grants Pass.

This is a two-part message, and here's the second part, which indicates a rockslide.

OSS Screenshot (3/9/2010): Some CMS messages have multiple parts. The closure message has a second part saying 'Due to a Rockslide'.

There aren't many alternatives to US 199 in the winter time, and you'll notice that the message along I-5, well before the junction with US 199:

OSS Screenshot (3/9/2010): Another CMS along I-5, well before the HWY 199 closure, warning of the closure on HWY 199.

Page two indicates "NO ALTERNATE ROUTE":

OSS Screenshot (3/9/2010): The CMS on I-5 is also showing a multipart message. The second part shows that there is no alternate route.

As if this isn't bad enough, there are other challenging conditions along the roadway.  A sign near Yreka warns motorists to watch for icy roads and reduce their speed:

OSS Screenshot (3/9/2010): A CMS near Yreka, CA warns of icy roads and advises drivers to reduce their speed.

And it looks like there's a rock slide on California 96, as well.  We don't have CMS data in One Stop Shop yet for Caltrans 2, but the CCTV images can provide useful information.  In the following CCTV image, you'll see a corresponding message on a CMS:

OSS Screenshot (3/9/2010): A CCTV camera showing a nearby CMS with a HWY 96 closure message.

A similar message here too:

OSS Screenshot (3/9/2010): Another CCTV camera showing a nearby CMS with a HWY 199 closure message.

And, as you get closer to US 199, a message signifying its closure appears:

OSS Screenshot (3/9/2010): CCTV camera showing a nearby CMS with a HWY 199 closure message.