One Stop Shop (OSS) Update - March 12th, 2010


UPDATE: Friday, March 12th, 2010

One Stop Shop includes digital forecasts from the National Weather Service (NWS). We present this in a graphical fashion on the map, consistent with NWS presentation.  At present, this display is only shown for California.The forecast for today shows a lot of activity (rain, snow and mix) in Northern California:

OSS Screenshot (3/12/2010): A NWS Forecast for California - this forecast shows large amounts of weather activity in the Northern California region at 7 AM (PST).

You can cycle through the forecast for various times over the next 24 hours.  It looks like the weather will intensify:

OSS Screenshot (3/12/2010): The forecast can be cycled through a 24 hour period. This one is for 1 PM (6 hours later).

Look for widespread snow tonight:

OSS Screenshot (3/12/2010): The forecast is predicting overnight snow for much of the Northern California region. This is for 7 PM (12 hours later).

And some clearing tomorrow morning:

OSS Screenshot (3/12/2010): The weather clears around 4AM the next day.

Switching from the "weather" forecast to the "snow" forecast shows forecast values for measureable amounts along the roadway.

OSS Screenshot (3/12/2010): The Snow Forecast allows for users to see how much snow is predicted for a given region. This shows forecasted snow amounts for a 6 hour period in California.

The Trip Planner can be used to examine the situation along a particular route.  Here, we've chosen a route from Red Bluff, CA to Chester, CA.  The route detail shows an elevation profile along this route.  Sure enough, there is a significant change in elevation and significant snow potential at higher elevations along the route:

OSS Screenshot (3/12/2010): The trip planner can be used with any of the layers to see how the weather will be along a given route.

Switching the the precipitation prediction shows forecast cumulative precipitation from 10AM to 4PM along the route.  As you can see, there may be a significant amount:

OSS Screenshot (3/12/2010): The Precipitation layer shows the cumulative amount of rain for a region during a user specified range. The readings for this image are over a 6 hour period.