One Stop Shop (OSS) Update - March 16th, 2010


UPDATE: Friday, March 16th, 2010

When planning a drive on rural roads, it’s a good idea to keep track of towns and facilities so you don’t find yourself in a tough spot.  One-Stop-Shop includes several facility types in California including rest areas and truck scales.  In the following screenshot, we’ve selected the “Rest Areas” layer:

OSS Screenshot: The Rest Areas layer of OSS shows rest stops across California. Each rest area is designated with an 'R' on the map.

Here we’ve selected the “Grass Lake” rest area off of US 97 Northeast of Weed.  Note the listing of associated facilities:

OSS Screenshot: Information can be obtained about each individual rest stop.  A rest area near Weed, CA is shown. It contains information about the various facilities the rest area has.

Zoom in further and you can get a better idea of where this rest area is located:

OSS Screenshot: Users can easily zoom in on a rest stop to get more information on the surrounding area.

You’ll notice that we use Google Maps in One-Stop-Shop.  If you toggle from Map view to Satellite view and zoom in further, you can verify that the rest area is there and you can get a rough idea of how access it from the road.  This sort of pre-trip planning can help you to avoid surprises while en-route:

OSS Screenshot: If satellite view is selected, the user can see what the surrounding landscape of a rest stop looks like, along with how to access the rest stop.