WeatherShare Update - April 20th, 2010


UPDATE: Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

When doing any planning it is always good to check to see how cooperative the weather will be. WeatherShare lets you check current conditions and forecast conditions. Here the initial WeatherShare page shows current temperatures:

WeatherShare screenshot: The initial page of WeatherShare shows the current temperatures across California.

Here we’ve selected the "Redding Municipal Air Station" to see additional detail:

WeatherShare screenshot: Users can select individual stations to get additional information about that area. Shown here is extra detail about the weather at the Redding Municipal Air Station.

Clicking the "Forecast" Tab shows some unsettled weather in Northern California:

WeatherShare screenshot (4/20/2010): The Forecast tab shows the forecasted weather conditions.  Today's forecast is showing some unsettled weather in Northern California.

You can use the "Alerts" Tab to see what National Weather Service alerts are active:

WeatherShare screenshot: The Alerts tab can be used to find out which National Weather Service alerts are active.

Finally you can click on to the alert markers to get the details of the alert:

WeatherShare screenshot: Users can click the alert markers to get further details about the alert.