WSRTTIF Update - March 8th, 2012


UPDATE: Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Abstracts have been selected for the 2012 Western States Forum! Speakers will come from seven different states, representing four state DOTs, two universities, and the California Highway Patrol. The agenda is again diverse, covering a variety of ITS technologies.

The goal of the Forum is to provide an opportunity for dynamic discussion of practical and technical issues associated with rural ITS in order to support better ITS deployment in rural areas. In keeping with this goal, presentations and demonstrations are longer and really delve into the nuts and bolts of how things work. Transparency and trust are critical aspects of the Forum and speakers discuss what worked, but also what didn’t work.

These eight presentations and demonstrations have been chosen for the 2012 Forum:

  • Field Element Network Design for a Rural Transportation Management Center
    Ian Turnbull, Jeremiah Pearce
    Caltrans District 2
  • Investigation into the Usage of Bluetooth Signals for Roadway Speed Calculations
    Lynne Randolph
    Southwest Research Institute; San Antonio, Texas
  • Extending ITS Communication Beyond Fiber
    Steve A. Thomas
    Georgia Department of Transportation
  • Mobile ITS Hotspot Trailers, an Evolving Technology
    Jon Dickinson, Mark Aragon
    Nevada Department of Transportation
  • Technical Development of the Western States One Stop Shop for Rural Traveler Information
    Doug Galarus, Dan Richter
    Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University
  • Using Bluetooth-based Data Collection Units as Point Detection Systems
    David S. Kim, J. David Porter, Mario E. Magaña, Amirali Saeedi, SeJoon Park
    Oregon State University
  • Rapid Response Incident Command Vehicles
    Lieutenant Scott Fredrick
    Northern Division, California Highway Patrol
  • A Cost/Benefit Tool for Rural ITS Devices – The North/West Passage Program’s Experiences
    Bill Legg
    Washington State Department of Transportation

The Forum will be held June 12-14, 2012, in Yreka, California. For more information about the Forum and how to attend, see the Forum website at