California Oregon Advanced Transportation Systems (COATS)
Phase 8


COATS Fact Sheet

COATS Phase 8 will focus on technology transfer to build on the success of earlier COATS phases and preserve and expand the COATS region as an innovator in rural ITS technology implementation. This phase includes complementary tasks that advance the vision of appropriate use of ITS technology to address rural transportation challenges within and beyond the COATS region boundaries. These include:

  • Semi-annual COATS PTAP meetings, where local stakeholders can meet to coordinate ITS deployment and operations efforts, as well as identify areas of concern where research is warranted.
  • The annual Forum, a nationally significant, unique gathering of ITS practitioners for networking and information exchange.
  • Updating the Forum handbook, a collection of best practices for the planning and execution of the annual Forum.
  • Updating and modernizing the COATS web presence, which promotes technology transfer to other DOTs.

Western States Rural Transportation Technology Implementers Forum (WSRTTIF)

The Western States Forum is an engineering practitioners’ meeting focused on providing technology transfer and networking opportunities for professionals working in design, implementation, and maintenance of ITS technologies in rural environments. Technical content from previous Forums can be reviewed on the Forum’s website.

COATS Phase 8 will provide support for organizing and conducting the next successful Forums. As the 15th, 16th, and 17th events, they will be significant milestones in the history of the Forum and the COATS and WSRTC partnerships. A look at the event over the years shows its growth and impact:

The first annual Forum was held in 2006 in Mount Shasta, California, and 15 engineers and technicians from 3 states attended.

First annual Forum in 2006.

Thirty-eight (38) individuals from six states participated in the 5th annual Forum in Yreka, California.

5th annual Forum in 2010.

The 10th annual Forum was also in Yreka, CA. Thirty-nine (39) pracitioners from 8 different states attended.

10th annual Forum in 2015.

The 14th Forum in Yreka saw a record 53 participants from 8 different western and central states.

14th annual Forum in 2019.

Western States Forum Handbook

The Western States Forum Handbook will also be updated during this project phase. Originally developed in COATS Phase 7, the Handbook details Forum planning, development, organization, and operations. It is intended to provide thorough guidance to any individual or group tasked with organizing and facilitating the Western States Forum. Because the Forum changes year to year, this document is dynamic. Under this task, the Handbook will be updated annually to keep the guidelines current and applicable (e.g., after the 2020 and 2021 Forums).

For quarterly progress updates on COATS Phase 8 tasks, go to the COATS project main page.